The Staebler Farm (near AA-Ypsilanti, MI) - a walking tour led by centenarian Don Staebler

1 week ago by watchman-of-the-tracks , Dale Leslie

Filmed in November, 2011. Farmer-Educator-Inventor Donald G. Staebler,103-years-old, walks his family-farm at 7734 Plymouth Road (Superior Township), which he sold to Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation over a decade ago. A caveat allowed Don to remain on the farm for life. In the program, he reflects on 20th century life on the farm and provides a walking tour of the barns and out-buildings and examines their antique contents. Oh, he also shares some other memories of his life, including celebrating the Armistice of World War I and his oversea military involvement in World War II. Tom A. Freeman, of the Washtenaw County Parks, is also featured commenting on their "Crick 'n the Back" (Staebler) farm acquisition and their future plans.