Charles McGee - Nature

2 years ago

Charles McGee is a legendary multi-media artist in Detroit. For information about Mr. McGee and his art work, log on to "Charles McGee -- Nature" is an artistic documentary profiling Charles McGee and his art. It is simply comprised of his interview footage showing only his face in a dynamic framing with silent montages of his art. In his own words of wisdom, the film reveals his calm, serious character and strong passion for creating art. Tim Nagae created this short film by using the "Colors in Black and White" technique to enhance the visual impressions that lines, shapes and colors in his art convey. Also, he deliberately used only McGee's voice from the interview for the sound of the movie for the first 3/4 of the film without music and ambient sound to show McGee's intense stoicism for creation and pacifist philosophy. "Charles McGee -- Nature" was screened at Blue Water Film Festival (Port Huron), Flint Film Festival, Detroit Independent Film Festival and East Lansing Film Festival, Michigan and broadcast on several PBS stations in Michigan and Ohio. It won a 2010 Hometown Video Award. If you would like to have a DVD for positive use, such as for educational purposes, please e-mail Tim Nagae at, and he will send you a free copy of the movie