"I'M GLAD AT YOU!" Music Video

2 years ago by Flaghorn

THE MISTER LAURENCE EXPERIENCE celebrating gratitude in all relationships. "I'm GLAD at You!" won Best Kids Music Video in both the 2010 West Branch Children's Film Festival and 2010 Philo T. Farnsworth Festival. This production showcases their new band mate, OSO, the Drumming Bear! Special thanks goes out to all their friends who freely went berserk during the solo area. This music video was featured on Episode Four of their award winning community television kids show, MISTER LAURENCE'S "Enchanted" GREEN TREE FORT, and this song will be on their upcoming CD! "I'm GLAD at You!" was inspired from a dream Mister Laurence had where he was recording the original version of his kid song Tugboat Tow with his two musical brothers. As he awoke, the lyrics changed... (NOTE: As in all their community TV video productions, this was financed on a shoestring budget with an all volunteer crew!)